Properties of clover honey and alfalfa

Tonic for the nerves Memory Improvement Improves cough and sore throat and relieves shortness of breath and asthma Improve epilepsy and improve seizures Energetic and uplifting Laxative and cures constipation Antimicrobials, bacteria, fungi and infections Improves tremors and tremors Eliminates inflammation Obese and hematopoietic Blood clot and useful for people with nosebleeds Regulating and improving […]

Properties of honey of forty plants

Forty plant honey has the ability to regulate blood circulation and has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure and blood sugar Hematopoietic and blood purifier Strengthen the immune system Reduce bone and joint pain Cartilage and joint repair Reduces bloating Useful for clogged arteries Improve intestinal disorders Anti-cough and anti-fever Memory booster and nerve […]

Astragalus honey properties

:Properties of honeysuckle Astragalus is a perennial plant. This plant is found as a shrub and herb. One of the herbal products is tragacanth Astragalus has pink, red, blue, purple or white flowers Astragalus honey is completely yellow in color and looks like ordinary honey, which can be safely included in your diet. :Benefits of […]