Astragalus honey properties

:Properties of honeysuckle

Astragalus is a perennial plant. This plant is found as a shrub and herb. One of the herbal products is tragacanth

Astragalus has pink, red, blue, purple or white flowers

Astragalus honey is completely yellow in color and looks like ordinary honey, which can be safely included in your diet.

:Benefits of Honey

Strengthen the digestive system, treat colds and coughs

Astragalus, like other honeys, raises insulin levels and reduces anxiety, which helps you sleep better

Consumption of honey in breakfast can help people who have anemia by modifying their diet to help build blood in people with anemia.

To heal throat and lung ulcers

Reduces the risk of hoarseness

Improve joint pain

Improve brain and bone problems

Anticonvulsant and epilepsy

Treatment of sinusitis

Improve allergies

Stress treatment

Improve blood pressure

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